Sep 26


Embrace Your IoT Initiatives with Confidence

By Great Bay Software

IoT applications are growing exponentially. Add to this the mounting sophistication and malice of Cybercrime and we’re talking big risks. Recently, we partnered with SC Magazine to present an on-demand webinar: 4 Steps to Delivering a Practical, Resilient and Scalable Endpoint Security Strategy by Dino Balafas.


Did you know that IT and security teams have no visibility into approximately 90% of their network-connected devices? IoT and other unmanaged devices are starting to significantly outnumber smart endpoints such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. If you can’t see these devices, you can’t control and secure them. Are you facing this challenge? In this webinar, “What’s on Your Network”, we present recommendations on how to take control. Watch it here.


Gartner reports that endpoint discovery, visibility and control are fundamental to a secure, scalable and resilient network. With that in mind, Great Bay’s Dino Balafas describes how to:


  • Take back network control no matter where and how IoT applications are deployed
  • Remove network blind spots and streamline compliance
  • Mitigate future risks and reduce the cost and hassle of manual processes
  • Enhance current security infrastructure for better protection and a measurable ROI


Great Bay Software’s #1 focus is to safeguard all of your networked devices – including those elusive IoT endpoints. Our solution provides real-time discovery and authentication while maintaining a data warehouse of information on all devices. You can perform analytics, set up automated alerts/responses, and always know and trust what’s on your network.


Learn more about the Great Bay Beacon Product Suite here.


We want to hear from you. What are your biggest device security challenges? We’ll show you how we can help. You can also see our solutions in action - contact us to schedule a live Beacon Product Suite demo today.




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