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Nov 15


Unlocking the Full Potential of IoT

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at the 2017 IoT Security Summit, which was in New York City at the end of October. The session boasted an impossibly long title, “...

Nov 09


Discovery, Visibility and Control: The Prerequisites for IoT Security

The Internet of Things has ‘crossed the chasm’. Technology innovators have innovated; early adopters have adopted. Enterprise rollouts are moving from pilots to full deployments, especially within...

Oct 31


Botnet Tricks and Security Treats

“Cybercriminals are spreading faster than the hordes of the undead in Zombietown, USA”, writes security blogger  Tom Fecarotta. And so maybe it’s not a coincidence that Halloween falls on the last...

Oct 27


Cybercrime and the New Normal

With an increase in high-profile cyberattacks and data breaches, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity is top of mind for the C-suite. According to the digital security firm Gemalto, there were 918...

Oct 19


Did You Miss it? Highlights from the CUNA Tech Council Conference

We had a great time at the CUNA Conference at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix earlier this month. The opportunity to meet with credit union IT and Security professionals and show off...

Oct 10


Be Cybersecurity Aware: Make Sure Your IoT Devices are Under Control

It’s hard to believe that it’s already October and autumn is upon us. Big things happen in October. The U.S. Supreme Court starts its new term. It’s National Book Month and Country Music Month....

Sep 26


Embrace Your IoT Initiatives with Confidence

IoT applications are growing exponentially. Add to this the mounting sophistication and malice of Cybercrime and we’re talking big risks. Recently, we partnered with SC Magazine to present an...

Sep 18


Enabling Audits and Cybersecurity Compliance

In common with the larger financial services industry, credit unions also continue to be a top target for cyberattacks. The risks are high and the consequences are costly. Given this, the NCUA...

Sep 07


Delivering Significant IoT Security Enhancements

Expanded Network Infrastructure Support, Enhanced UX and Data Reporting and Advanced MAC Spoofing Detection We recently announced our Beacon Product Suite version 5.2. With this release, we deliver...

Aug 30


The Department of Homeland Security and IoT

There are fundamental challenges with IoT device architecture that have limited the integration of on-board security mechanisms. For the most part, developers and manufacturers have not felt inclined...

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