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Aug 17


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Healthcare Informatics, an-online publication, hosts a series of Health IT Summits across the country. We just returned from the Philadelphia Conference. We had...

Aug 10


Is Your IoMT Security Keeping up with Regulatory Mandates?

Securing healthcare networks and devices is not just critical to operational continuity but to regulatory compliance as well. Compliance can be a veritable alphabet soup of mandates: HIPAA mandates...

Aug 02


How’s the Health of Your Security Budget?

A recent Harvard Business Review article1 reminds us that the healthcare sector is the most heavily-targeted vertical industry. Read more in our earlier “Top Target” post. In 2016, more than 25% of...

Jul 26


Banking on the “Fin-ternet” of Things

Especially among millennials, smartphones and mobility are becoming the foundation of financial services. This is having a profound effect on the relationship between banks and their customers....

Jul 18


The Latest and Greatest on ICS Security

Last week we joined the SANs Institute in their “State of Industrial Control Systems Security” webinar. They provided an overview of the data collected in their 4th annual survey on this topic. SANS...

Jul 11


On the Record: HCIC Task Force Report to Congress

First Wannacry and now Petya. These recent global attacks are not just big headlines, but big risks as well. They demonstrate how Cybercrime is moving beyond data theft and ransomware. The Petya...

Jun 30


When it Comes to IoT, Risk Managers Want to Come to the (Third-) Party

In the Cybersecurity market, we have noticed that there isn’t a much discussion of the risks when third-parties deploy IoT devices in the enterprise. We turned to the findings of a recent Ponemon...

Jun 22


Embracing Change at the Summit

We just returned from the 2017 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, held in National Harbor, MD. It’s a great conference and this year there was plenty of new research and insights. They...

Jun 14


When NAC Deployment Projects Fail

Deploying a network access control (NAC) solution is one approach to reduce your risk of a network breach. At the same time, it’s accepted wisdom that not all NAC projects are successful. A scrapped...

Jun 08


IT vs. OT in IoT - Connecting the Shop Floor with the Top Floor

IoT and Industry 4.0 are radically changing the way manufacturers are doing business. There is a trend towards optimizing the manufacturing process through automation, IoT and IT. The real time...

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