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Oct 11


IoT Truly is the “Internet of every Thing”

Without a doubt, we’re in the decade of the Internet of Things. The technology has gone well beyond being the latest “bright, shiny object”. While applications started to emerge as early as the...

Oct 06


Great Bay Software Named Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for IoT Security

Today we announced that we have been identified as a representative vendor in the Gartner "Market Guide for IoT Security" report in the Real-Time Visibility and Control category. “Three eclectic...

Oct 04


The Rx for Mitigating Medjacking

In a previous blog we discussed the Medjacking phenomenon that is becoming prevalent in the healthcare industry. Let’s quickly review what medjacking is: Medjacking - the hijacking of biomedical...

Sep 29


5 Reasons Small Banks Should be Cautious of Traditional NAC Systems

Financial institutions are continually under media and regulatory scrutiny as well as a source of public concern. Banking is subject to more security control audits than ever as industry...

Sep 27


Medjacking – An Epidemic in Healthcare

In a previous blog post, we reviewed why healthcare is the top target for Cybercrime. In another, we talked about the pervasive use of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) applications and the resulting...

Sep 23


How One Small Turtle Sped Up Project Funding Approval

I wanted to recap the very informative “WhatWorks” webinar we hosted with John Pescatore from the SANs Institute and Jeremy Taylor from the Air Academy Federal Credit Union (AAFCU). You can watch the...

Sep 20


Don’t Let Frankenstein Impact Your Healthcare Network Security

We were struck by this comment in a ICIT Brief: “Vulnerable legacy systems and devices that lack the ability to update and patch are Frankensteined into networks possessing newer technologies that...

Sep 15


Deploying a NAC Alternative Makes Good Business Sense

Here are four reasons why deploying a NAC alternative at your credit union makes sense:  1.  Maintaining an accurate inventory of IT assets The Center of Internet Security (CIS) publishes a set of...

Sep 13


It’s About Time. Now there’s an “M” in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Recently Tech News World, published an interesting series of articles about the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).[1] The use of IoT applications and devices in hospitals and clinics is not new. That...

Sep 08


5 Reasons for Credit Unions to be Cautious of Traditional NAC Solutions

As the risk of Cybercrime is on the rise, I often hear from our credit union customers about their network security challenges. They need solutions that ensure their client information is safe and...

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