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Feb 28


The Promise of Connected Healthcare

When you’re sick, you go the doctor. Getting a diagnosis—and a treatment—is an in-person, face-to-face interaction. But the Internet of Healthcare Things can change that paradigm, allowing patients...

Feb 22


IoT, IoT, IoT! An RSA 2017 Recap

The RSA Conference 2017 wrapped up on February 17th, 2017 and with over 40,000 attendees it was one of their largest conferences yet.  Were you lucky enough to attend? If you weren’t, hopefully this...

Feb 14


How’s the Health of Your Asset Management?

With the profusion of biomedical IoT applications and endpoints, asset tracking and inventory management takes on a whole new meaning. In previous blogs we’ve discussed the growth of IoT and the...

Feb 07


Smart Cities Promise to Improve Efficiency

Chicago is a recent example of a city that’s embracing smart city technologies to improve the efficiency and sustainability of urban living.  Sensors are being deployed around the city to collect...

Jan 31


IoT Powers New Efficiencies in the Energy Sector

The smart grid and connected devices are creating exciting new business opportunities and delivery models for energy and utility companies. Smart meters are making a big impact around the world as...

Jan 25


Dell and Great Bay Software Partner to Deliver Secure IoT Solutions

  We are proud to announce that Great Bay Software has recently joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program as an Associate Partner. Here is what you need to know: A technology revolution is...

Jan 24


The Paradigm is Shifting – from Network Access Control to Endpoint Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving innovation and remarkable new applications across many industries. We see huge business and consumer benefits ranging from improved healthcare to manufacturing...

Jan 17


How IoT is Fueling the Next Industrial Revolution for Manufacturing

IoT Will Fuel the Next Industrial Revolution Manufacturing is poised for the next industrial revolution. Smart factories and automated processes give new hope to manufacturers that have spent...

Jan 10


5 Security Predictions for 2017: What Will be Your Greatest Risk?

Welcome to the New Year. From all of us at Great Bay Software, we wish you a safe and secure 2017. With recent news filled with stories of hacking by government actors, the prevention of cyberattacks...

Jan 03


A ‘Must Read’ - Gartner on IoT Security

Gartner recently published their Market Guide for IoT Security, in which they recommend strategies and solutions that include those of Great Bay Software. Here’s a quick ‘take-away’ on their research...

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