Mar 14


How Industrial IoT is Transforming Manufacturing

By Great Bay Software

Smart Manufacturing – also known as Industry 4.0 - is revolutionizing business strategy. The integration of industrial automation, IoT, and information technology is turning traditional factories from cost centers into profitable innovation centers.

 Smart Manufacturing is focused on “creating an environment where all available information – from the plant floor and across the supply chain – is captured in real time, made visible and turned into actionable insights.” Becoming a Smarter Manufacturer, SCM World.


Changing the Game: Predictive Analytics


Manufacturing organizations have used analytic models in one form or another for years - but with insufficient and disparate data sets. Manufacturing executives are citing predictive data analytics as the most important manufacturing technology to drive competitiveness. Industry 4.0 and IIoT are key to making this happen.


“The speed at which supply chain innovation is being adopted coupled with rising consumer expectations for anytime, anywhere service is stressing traditional supply chains to near-breaking points.” Industry Week


The manufacturing industry is aggressively adopting IIoT to unravel and quantify assets and processes.

manufacturing automation evolution image.png






Source: IoTNow


Cybersecurity and Smart Manufacturing Go Hand-in-Hand


As businesses seek to embrace Industry 4.0, cybersecurity protection must be a top priority. Cyberattacks can be financially crippling - impacting production and business innovation.


In the past, factory automation was built on proprietary technology and isolated from corporate business systems. Physical perimeter security was deemed adequate and cybersecurity was considered irrelevant. IIoT and 4.0 is opening the door to industry standards, reducing operational costs and improving supply chain management. The business benefits of improved predictive analytics can only be achieved with the integration of operational and business data and systems. This integration is exposing the entire enterprise to serious risks of cyberattacks.


Watch for our upcoming post on how to reduce the risk of intellectual property theft through the discovery, monitoring and control of all your IIoT devices. While you wait, check out these additional resources: 

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